Printer meter reading

How to get Meter Readings

Canon Meter Readings

NP 1530/1550/6216/6317/6020/6220/6320

Open front cover facing you, upper middle of panel facing you

NP 6012/6112/6512

Open copier by using lever on left hand side of copier (as if you were cleaning a paper jam), in lower half of copier at the front

NP 6030/6028/6045/6050/6835

Open front cover, upper left hand side on panel facing you


Open front cover, bottom left hand side on panel facing you there are 3 meters

GP 160

Down the back of the copier on the back panel (3 meters),or press data registration

  1. Press #
  2. Arrow button down under flap on right
  3. Select number7
  4. Press set button
  5. Arrow down to number 3(Print count)
  6. Press set button
  7. Meter reading displayed on the screen

IR 1210/1230/1270f/1520/1570f

On the top touch panel there is a small button that looks like a head with a star inside it, then use the right arrow key until you get to count check then press ok


On the top touch panel press the small button with 123 above it

Lexmark Meter readings

Lexmark X264/363/364 Meter Reading

  1. Menus
  2. Right Arrow
  3. Reports
  4. Tick Button (Enter)
  5. Devise Statistics
  6. Printing
  7. Total (on top of page)

X940 /X945

  1. Press Menu
  2. Press Reports
  3. Then press device statistics which will automatically print off a report.
  4. Then fax the whole sheet to us with the A4 and A3 meter readings on it.

Muratec meter readings.


  1. Press ‘Setup’ on top of panel
  2. Press ‘View information’ on glass
  3. Press ‘Print Count’ on glass
  4. Colour / mono count displayed.

MFX 2700 / 2725

  1. Press ‘Menu ‘on top panel
  2. Press ‘Settings’ on glass
  3. Press ‘Counter’ on glass
  4. Press ‘Enter’ on glass
  5. Print total displayed.

Ricoh SPC232 / 240

  1. Press machines settings button
  2. Scroll down to Reports print
  3. Press ok
  4. Scroll down to Maintanance page
  5. Press ok to print report