Redhill Photocopier Service: Why You Should Switch to Digital Copiers

Posted on: September 17th, 2014 by Simon Patrick

Photocopiers have come a long way from the original machines they once were. The earliest photocopiers were analogue in nature and worked basically by reflecting light onto a photosensitive plate or drum that produces an image. With the use of a toner, the image is then transferred to paper to create the hard copies people have been familiar with.

With the advent of the Internet and new technologies, however, the needs of businesses have evolved over the years, demanding for more sophisticated types of copiers that would serve various purposes. Thus, digital copiers were born. Below are the major advantages of digital photocopiers, as shared by, and why businesses should consider making the transfer to digital.

Making the Switch from an Analog to Digital Copy Machine

More than Copying

While analogue photocopy machines did a single job—create hard copies—digital versions offered more than copying functions. The latter are able to print coloured copies, staple document pages in order, and be programmed to do automatic hole-punching for binding. For small businesses, digital photocopiers can replace the function of employees who used to do the tasks manually, consequently reducing the need for additional manpower.

Since the copies are digital in nature, users can easily transmit them electronically to email addresses in a computer or a fax machine. This reduces the time it would take to rescan, reprint, and refax documents, as well as the cost of supplies like paper, toner, and postage.


Current copiers on the market, such as the ones supplied by the Redhill photocopier service Copy Solutions Ltd, are designed to be one-stop-shop machines that provide all the features of a printer, photocopier, flatbed scanner, and fax machine. They can be connected and networked through wireless technologies, allowing for more convenient use and lesser expense. This would benefit large businesses and conglomerates which process a large volume of documents and files all the time.

Software-triggered Maintenance

One of the problems of analogue photocopiers is the failure of the office or establishment to check or maintain the machines within the set schedule. In the case of modern digital copiers, software programs embedded in the operating system can alert users that it’s time to check the machines. The program can detect minor issues before they blow out of proportion, and the toner cartridges of some models include sensors that warn users the cartridges are running low.

If your business still depends on analogue photocopiers, it’s high time to switch to digital models through services that sell or offer copier leasing in the Redhill area, Surrey. Companies like Copy Solutions Ltd can sell, lease, and install brand new or re-manufactured photocopiers, as well as service and repair your broken units.


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